M a s t e r s o f w i n e

Owner & Winemaker

A r n a u G a l m é s F e r r e r

From an early age, he had strong ambitions to continue the family legacy. In 1989, I began my studies at the School of Viticulture and Enology of Requena and then continued at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona with Agronomy Engineering.

At the end of my studies, I returned to Mallorca, where around 2000 I took the reins of the family business to start the first works of modernization and expansion of the winery.

Executive Officer

T a n i a S e r a f i n i

Arriving at Bodega Galmés i Ferrer was the realization of a personal vision. I firmly believe in our mission and approach to wines. As Executive Manager, I am in charge of leading customer relations and contributing to the growth of the winery. In addition, I oversee the operational and strategic management of the company, ensuring quality and excellence in all our products. Outside of work, I enjoy my hobbies which include traveling and hiking.

senior winemaker

A g a t h a R o s s i

I’ve always been a wine drinker, but I’d never thought that I’ll ever be a wine maker. It all started with helping Bruno harvest the winery’s first vintage. I immediately fell in love with the process and decided to start working here full time. Never looked back ever since!

My knowledge of wine began in a small
Italian restaurant. The all-Italian staff painted a vivid
picture of what wine meant to them: family, memories, and traditions.