A r t i s t i c S e r i e s

Our Artistic Wine Series is a unique collaboration with artists from around the world. His works, whether designs or paintings, inspire and are reflected in the labels of our bottles, creating a synergy between visual art and the richness of flavors of our wines. This series celebrates the fusion of art and enology, offering a complete and distinctive sensory experience.

D a v i d P h e r

From the historic streets of Berlin, David Pher carries the influence of a city of contrasts, reflecting in his abstract canvases the play of light and shadow of a metropolis in constant evolution. Meanwhile, in the heart of Mallorca, Arnau Galmés Ferrer, custodian of the family tradition of ‘Galmés i Ferrer’, transforms the essence of the land into wines that tell stories.

A l i t t l e m o r e h i s t o r y . . .

T h e A r t i s t s

In the vast tapestry of art and creativity, there are those who paint with colors and those who paint with flavors. A collaboration between these two artists evokes a scenario where art is lived and tasted. It is a sensory journey, an experience that blurs the boundaries between the visual and the gustatory, between the palette and the glass.

D a v i d P h e r

David’s beginnings in an art-filled home during the 1980s in Germany not only gave him a canvas on which to build his passion, but also a mirror in which to reflect the vibrant emotions of an era.

His work is not simply an exhibition of colors and shapes, it is an invitation. As we stand in front of his pieces, we are summoned to an inner journey, where our individual interpretations of the cryptic scribbles and ethereal figures guide us through emotional labyrinths. Each observer becomes a co-author of the piece, giving life to the demons and angels that each of us defines.

In a world often devoid of color, David’s goal is simple: to transform physical and mental spaces, offering a refuge in which we can find ourselves, challenge ourselves, and ultimately celebrate ourselves.

A r n a u G a l m é s F e r r e r

On the island of Mallorca, known for its idyllic landscapes and rich history, lies the passion, heritage and evolution of a family that has dedicated its life to the art of winemaking.

The real magic of ‘Galmés i Ferrer’ lies in his ability to fuse the old with the new. While its roots are deeply rooted in Mallorcan history, its gaze is fixed on the future.

While many wines can be tasted, those of ‘Galmés i Ferrer’ must be experienced. They are a reflection of an island, a family and a man whose passion for wine is as deep as the roots of the vines that grow in the land of Mallorca.