Arnau Galmés, new president of the Pla i Llevant Appellation of Origin

A r n a u G a l m é s , n e w p r e s i d e n t o f t h e P l a i L l e v a n t A p p e l l a t i o n o f O r i g i n


Jaume Mesquida, founding president of the regulatory council of the Pla i Llevant appellation of origin, has resigned. The new president will be Arnau Galmés. He is a young winemaker and owner of the Galmés Ferrer winery. of Petra. It has been proposed by consensus by all the winemakers of the wine region.

Mesquida argues: “The needs of the position made it impossible for me to perform it with the dedication it requires”. The outgoing president states that “after a few years, and seeing how the denomination has been achieved, I feel satisfied with the way it has been done and we must give an opportunity to the young people who come after us”.

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