Petra’s young winemaker Arnau Galmés presents his first wines

P e t r a s y o u n g w i n e m a k e r A r n a u G a l m é s p r e s e n t s h i s f i r s t w i n e s


The new professionals renew the work of the cellers with technical studies.

The new professionals renew the work of the cellers with technical studies.

Petra’s wineries continue to advance in their research to give shape and flavor to new wines. One of the most traditional establishments of the town, Can Mec, has just bottled its first young wines with the brand of the house surnames, Galmés Ferrer, an experience that combines for the first time the tradition of the house with the new techniques of research and wine growing.

The new wines are made available to the consumer as a result of the first practical work of the youngest son of the house, Arnau Galmés Ferrer, who, determined to follow the family tradition, at the age of twenty-four, has completed his degree in oenology at the University Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona. The wines were presented in their three traditional varieties, white, black and rosé. The young winemaker explains the characteristics of his first products, indicating that in his first commercial experience he has worked with grapes from the island. For the white wine it has resorted to the native prensal variety. It is a very smooth wine prepared at low temperature to preserve all its aromas.

Arnau Galmés piensa aplicar sus estudios de enología a la tradición familiar. FOTO B. RAMÓN

The red wine is the result of the process to which grapes of the manto negro and tempranillo varieties have been subjected. Once elaborated, it has withstood higher temperatures than the white wine in order to control the colors that take definitive shape after the clarification and filtering phase. The last wine of the new collection, the rosé, has undergone a preparation process similar to the white. After separating the must so that it could acquire the appropriate colors, the rosé wine of the Galmés Ferrer winery remained at a temperature of twenty-five degrees while the other two crops did not exceed seventeen.

Apart from the quality of the wines themselves, in the case of these new products from the Galmés Ferrer winery, part of their appeal lies in the labeling. Three watercolor drawings of significant Mallorcan landscapes serve to identify each of the crops used by the young winemaker Arnau Galmés for his commercial debut.

The entry on the scene of the new wines and the fact of having one of the few winemakers with such a university degree in Mallorca at home, entails a significant change in the schemes and commercial objectives of one of the most traditional and well-known wineries in Petra. Can Mec will now distribute its wines under the Galmés Ferrer surname. It is the reconversion of a company identified by its traditional methods and which has customers all over the island. For many visitors to Petra, a stop at the establishment that shelters under the bell tower of the parish church is a must in order to stock up on a carafe of homemade wine.

La bodega Galmés Ferrer ha presentado sus primeros vinos jóvenes. FOTO B. RAMÓN

The commercialization of wine in Can Mec began formally in 1940, although it already started with the precedents created by the grandfather of today’s young winemaker. Guillem Galmés Salas, Arnau’s father, inherited the knowledge of his progenitor, who had already begun to sell home-made wines left over from domestic consumption. However, it was Guillem who was in charge of marketing the contents of the house barrels. The path to the future now seems to be guaranteed by Arnbau and his studies in viticulture in Requena and subsequent studies in oenology at the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Tarragona.

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