The Generalitat engega un apolítica científica pròpia.

T h e G e n e r a l i t a t e n g e g a u n a p o l í t i c a c i e n t í f i c a p r ò p i a .


The generalitat has decided to adopt a leading role in scientific research in Catalonia, an area in which until now the autonomous administration has played a secondary role. To this end, the Catalan government will prove its triennial character last Tuesday (1993-1996).

Universities, the basis of a program that aims to avoid scientific "colonization

The objective of this plan does not exclude the collaboration with other institutions, but it does foresee that the Generalitat will take the
initiative in the research that is carried out in Catalonia. The commissioner of Universities and Research, Josep Laporte, has pointed out that this new policy has a fundamental reason: “If we do not advance in the scientific field we will be a colonized country”.

The new attitude of the Generalitat comes after the sentence of the Constitutional Court on the refusal of competences in the field of scientific policy. The resolution dismissed an appeal filed by the Generalitat against the Llei de la Ciència.

The rules of the game

The discontent of the Catalan government was evident, but now recognizes that the sentence, if nothing else, has made the rules clear.
dejoc: les instal-lacions del Consell superior d’investigacions científiques a Catalunya continuen en mans de ‘Administració
but the Generalitat controls the research potential of the Catalan universities, transferred in 1986, to different institutes of the autonomous ministries.

One of the material objectives of the new plan is to double the number of researchers working in Catalonia, according to Laporte. The
commissioner points out that in Spain there are 2.2 per 1,000 inhabitants (2.1 in Catalonia), while in Franca there are 51 per 1,000 inhabitants.
a Alemanya, 5,8.

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