First Management Company of Pla i Llevant

F i r s t M a n a g e m e n t C o m p a n y o f P l a i L l e v a n t


he winemakers of Pla y Llevant, including Miguel Oliver, Jaume Mesquida, Luis Armero, Trevin and Galmés, had to make a decision and form a group in order to work with a certain unity and with the purpose of achieving better defining goals for the area.

A few days ago, they met at Bodegas MESQUIDA and decided to form a management board, for which, before any other procedure, they had to elect a president and secretary.

It was necessary to resort to voting, since there were two candidates and Jaume MESQUIDA was elected as president, and Miguel Nadal (Trevín) as secretary.

The headquarters of the Gestora will be at Bodegas Miguel Oliver, in Petra.

In our view, they have taken an important step forward. And there are two circumstances that give an idea of the opportunity.

On the part of the Conselleria d’Agricultura there is a good disposition towards the area of Pla i Llevant, and in the Binissalem Denomination of Origin, there is also a good disposition to create even a new denomination, if it comes to the case, since it would imply that they would stop bottling wines from the Peninsula, without specifying their origin on the label, which lends itself to confusion.

Los bodegueros del Pla y Llevant se reunieron en las bodegas Mesquida

We have no doubt that there will be difficult moments, as is the case in all wine regions, such as agreeing on the price of grapes.

But we are confident that they will overcome these hurdles and that everyone in the group will demonstrate their desire for unity.


But let’s leave this, dear Filomena, I wanted to tell you that I went to dinner at S’Era de Pula, to one of its gastronomic days, in which the renowned Neichel, one of the first French chefs who settled in Catalonia, was presented.

He has the restaurant of the same name in Barcelona, Beltrán y Réspide street, 16. Formerly Pedralbes.

With a full house, Neichel presented a vegetable and smoked salmon terrine, a roasted turbot, a lamb loin au gratin, and a chocolate marquise. They served an Augustus Chardonnay, a Bárbara Chardaonnay from Mesquida, a Cabernet Augustus, and a Viña Esther 92, from Mesquida.

Neichel’s cuisine is a transitional cuisine, with hints of “Nouvelle Cuisine”, somewhat low, but with a grateful protagonism of the basic material, both fish and meat.

Perhaps the drawing and the presentation, which are always pleasant, remain from the Nueva cosina. Speaking of the dishes, somewhat overloaded the vegetable terrine on garnish, like the olive mousse. Good turbot, a little overcooked, but pleasant. The lamb loin was good, very tasty, and the dessert was nice.

Of the wines we tasted the Bárbara de Mesquida, in its good moment, and a red wine Suavignon Augustus, with a finish that left us quite indifferent.

It is a matter of tasting it again.

Very, very good atmosphere in the dining rooms on a very hot night. The days of S’Era de Pula are a gastronomic event, much celebrated by gourmets. Romero Sala is always up to date.

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