Fuig la verdor del nostre camp

F u i g l a v e r d o r d e l n o s t r e c a m p


Lamentable, sad, heartbreaking, to contemplate the landscape of the Pla de Mallorca on a day in June 1994, with a drought like the current one and a vitality test like the one offered to us by our countryside. Much sadder is to observe from the height, the sky of Mallorca from an airplane.

Compare the red of our wines

After the effects of the rare fires of Andraitx and s’Arracó, the effects of a dry, dry and dry spring.

Trist espectacle!

They do not even contemplate the wrapping of the green tops of our vineyards, which the land has been plundered because it is more profitable to go to work as a stonecutter or as a farmer, than to cultivate the vine, waiting for an uncertain, insecure and often poorly paid and remunerated harvest.

If we add our administration’s way of acting and our government’s program: subsidies to plunder vineyards and another subsidy to replant them.

It is not strange if in n’es Pla de Mallorca, it is worth looking at it and if every day there are few people who want to work in foravila.

It is worth remembering the beginning of the century, when 85€ of our conreu was dedicated to the wine, even in all our possessions we find “ses vinyes”, “Sa Vinya Gran”, “Sa Vinyassa”, “Sa Vinyota”, “Sa Vinya de l’Avi”, etc. Each village had its own vats, each house its own cellar and the roads to Porto Colom were occupied by rows of wagons, warehouses of barrels and boats of Mallorcan wine destined for export.

But I came back to the vineyard, all the vineyards were taken away…

Sa imposa is a new American plant and in a few years, Mallorca is once again full of healthy, green and vigorous wines. In 1920 every house has a winery, a cellar and a wine cellar, cooperatives and group entities are imposed, and the Mallorcan wine is famous all over the world.

Mallorca verdetja com a Turquesa del Mediterrani.

The dryness of the last years, the bad management of our governors, the tourist “boom”, the international market, make that since 1965 our wines have disappeared, our cooperatives have disappeared too and we are arriving to where we are.

Es gran fenomen de fi de segle. A miracle never dreamed of: a truth that imposes itself

In the face of such a sad spectacle, in the face of a crisis that was expected and that certainly has not failed, a group of brave people, a group of authentic Mallorcans, have hit the ground running saying: Enough is enough!

They have turned their eyes away, crying out: Enough is enough!

A group of dreamers of fantasies that have demonstrated that the dream was not fantasy and the fantasy was not a dream.

Guiem i Arnau Galmés, pare i fill respectivament

In this gallery “d’Estampes foravileres” will pass through these dreamy characters, these brave Mallorcans who in the face of so much contrarietat knew how to feel strong Mallorcans and in a strong voice say: Enough is enough!

Today, without preference or deference, we begin this gallery, with a nonverb and tribute to the town of Petra, with a well known name: “Ca’n Mec”. Three generations making artisan wine with a pine branch stuck under the doorway of a house near the church.

Three generations at the front of a little known business of commercializing the wine, made and produced in a family and artisan way. Sa padrina, that more xalesta than a hipster, we receive second inside s’ombrejat corral of this house pagesa and vilera.

It is matrimoni Galmés-Ferrer, measuring wine and serving to n’es clients. And a brigantellot with his feet on the ground and his head above his shoulders, polite, attentive and communicative who is the protagonist of this report, Arnau Galmés Ferrer.

Arnau, was born in Petra, on July 25, 1969. Diploma of fresh with a specialized technician with Ethnology and Viticulture, first in Requena (Valencia) and then in Tarragna (Catalonia).

Front to front with this writer that I am and with n’Arnau, an intelligent, educated and capable man to become a continuator, feel and worthy of “Ca’n Mec”. But we are well aware that we are in front of a brusque front able to combine dream, illusion and fantasy to sow today very positive rain with rapid growth and immediate fruit towards a future, turned into present.

Mentres feim sa xarradeta, sa sa presenta sa padrina amb una copa de mistela que tira de cul, basta decir que és una vellassa de 34 anys.

Enter her mother with another bottle, to make us taste a rancid wine of more than 20 years, that only to drink it makes us singlot.

Per fer deu rals just, es seu pare mos serveix un tassonet de vi de missa,

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