Mistela, and the liqueur wine of Galmés y Ferrer.

M i s t e l a , a n d t h e l i q u e u r w i n e o f G a l m é s y F e r r e r .


The Galmés i Ferrer winery in Petra has just commercially launched its bottled mistela. A way of maintaining the island’s long tradition of liqueur wines.

There are several types of mistelas, although the one that concerns us now is made by combining alcohol with grape must, in sufficient proportions, avoiding the fermentation of the latter. The maceration is usually done outdoors, so that the sun hits the large bottles where it takes its typical sweetness. This mistela, made with grapes from the geographical specification area Pla i Llevant de Mallorca, has a sweetness that is not cloying and allows it to be drunk on its own. It can also accompany sweet desserts discreetly sweet, or especially mantecados, ensaimadas and other delicacies.

For this mistela we have chosen a wide bottle with a wide base and a long neck. It is quite possible that in the future the screw cap will be replaced by cork.

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